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Developing and launching the brand of a new apartment complex by "Unistroy", which is the leading company on the estate market in Tatarstan.

The theme of unity and good neighbor community is the key one for our audience. It was also the key for naming and branding of the new "Atmosphere" residential complex. To introduce it to the market we carried out a comprehensive digital strategy of promotion with step-by-step solutions to increase brand recognition and generate qualitative leads.
We developed a brand platform called "Two handshakes". The area is shown as a place for friendly neighbors and best friends with suburban coziness while having comfortable living conditions. The "Atmosphere" quarter became such a place.
Its residents can now proudly say:"We have our own "Atmosphere"
“Atmosphere’s” logo
//При копировании элемента нужно обязательно заменить номер блока в коде!
The basis for the brand identity became a composition of frames with variable quantity and placement. It resulted in the logo being dynamic, lively and functional. It is adaptive to different media. It can convey a few communication messages at a time as well as the brand values.
The compositions comprising the logo are always unique. Just like the atmosphere.
The advertising campaign became a logical continuation of the brand platform. By using frames we showed that "Atmosphere" has an environment and infrastructure for its residents with the widest range of interests and lifestyles.
Students have a meeting place, young parents have parkways for family walks, athletes have workout spots, big families have safe recreational areas and so on.
Living, talking, relaxing and doing what they like is comfortable for everyone.
To introduce the residential complex to the market our performance team developed and carried out a comprehensive digital strategy of promotion.
Image campaign
At first we solved image tasks to improve brand awareness using media advertising and video content.
Lead generation
After that we collected qualified leads through lead generation formats of context and target advertising.
average conversion from a click into a lead
The results since April 2020
decrease in the cost of a lead
3 times less than the market price — that’s the cost of a lead that we managed to keep
"We have managed to form a lasting interest of our potential buyers to the object and keep the company’s efficiency when the demand went down and our selection of tools became smaller".
Ilmir Akhmetov, “Unistroy” Marketing Representative
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