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Since late 2020 we have been promoting a comfortclass apartment complex by FORUM. With us each new house finds its buyers.

Our main strategy is lead generation with constant image-building. We use context ads, target ads and media ads. Image-building videos help us promote the brand and increase the amount of organic search requests, so that we can work with a more warmed-up audience further on.
To get a more comprehensive reach of our target audience we used all relevant channels.
At the start we used image messages even in lead generative formats such as context and target ads. We did not talk about how much those apartments cost and what their layout is. Instead, we talked about the lifestyle that people could achieve in their new apartment. That helped us catch the eye of those who prioritize not the price, but the place suitable for their values and lifestyle.
Step 01
Messages and segmentation
After the image messages we launched ads with product messages about payments and mortgages.
Communication in the ads campaigns was not built on some abstract image of potential buyers, but on segments of the target audience that were carefully thought through. 1 — those who want to move closer to the city center, 2 — those who are planning to buy an apartment in a new building, 3 — newlyweds without children, 4 — young families.
Segment advertising
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After the traffic had increased in price we went on to use the main conversion tool in the real estate sphere — a quiz form. It didn’t take long for the results to show: the average cost of a lead from the quiz became two times less than the cost of a lead from the site.
Step 02
A quiz form
Step 02 A quiz form
Audio ads in VK and Telegram bots. Testing new tools and hypotheses let us quickly do away with ineffective solutions and focus on the most successful ones.
Step 03
New tools
Step 03 New tools
We built a steady interest of potential buyers and a system that shows predictable results in any turbulent situation. That helped us keep our ads campaigns effective in the spring of 2022 when some of the advertising tools in Russia were gone.
conversion in a qualitative lead in January 2023
decrease in price for a raw lead since April 2022
"Stable results, resourceful team and quality analytics are what we value in our work with 19agency84 on the "Olkhovsky park" project"
Vitalyi Ogurtsov, FORUM Digital Marketing Manager
Vitalyi Ogurtsov,
FORUM Digital Marketing Manager
Workspace Digital Awards
Marketing and advertising
Workspace Digital Awards
Marketing and advertising
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