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To create and keep the image of the residential area by "KORTROS" development company as a comfortable place you would love to move into. Promotion of the area, the developer and its projects.

It’s just like dropping by your friend’s place. That is the effect we create on the developer’s social media by telling stories of the residents and sharing advice on how to choose a new apartment and what to do on the weekend.
To bring closer attention to the apartments in the new residential complex we filmed room tours and regularly published them on the developer’s social media. A room tour may sound serious but the videos filmed by our SMM Group were filled with home warmth and coziness. And, of course, we could not do without the useful advice of those families who had already settled in their new apartments.
Special projects
The special projects with the residents themselves show everyone the amazing atmosphere of a friendly community. Families, students, newlyweds — anyone can meet like-minded people and realize their own plans and goals.
Children’s smiles and memorable family events are our favorite UGC! We were always in touch with the audience. We responded to comments, congratulated people on all special occasions and published photos with our mentions. With every passing month the residents tagged us in their posts and stories more and more. That means we managed to become a vital part of their story.
Results of 3 months
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reach in VK
35 families
who took part in room tours
100 UGC photos
with brand tags
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