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"Housewife's Dream" mayonnaise by "Rusagro" agro holding is the first-choice brand in Azerbaijan. While being a top-quality mayonnaise in the eye of the consumer, it didn’t have any strong emotions attached to it. That’s what we needed to fix.

Who can tell us about hearth and home other than an experienced housewife and loving mother? That’s exactly who our lady hero was. Meet Zulfia — a woman from Baku. She is a home cook, a caring wife and a mother of a three-year-old girl.
From now on the social media of "Housewife's Dream" are not soulless and lifeless posts, which is often the case for many brands. Now they let you talk to Zulya! She shares recipes from her cookbook, household advice and touching family stories.
//При копировании элемента нужно обязательно заменить номер блока в коде!
We pay close attention to the culture, customs and traditions of our audience. Our customers, who are women from 25 to 45 and working housewives, are completely responsible for their households and family budgets. For them it’s an important part of their self-realization.
Target audience
For the production we organize photo shoots with food photographers and food stylists. For nativity we don’t brand the content with a logo, but with a brand pattern or an image of a cookbook.
The content is published in two languages — Azerbaijani and Russian. We respond to our clients only in the language that they originally commented or texted us.
//При копировании элемента нужно обязательно заменить номер блока в коде!
After a year’s work we managed to achieve target positioning of "Housewife dream" on social media. The brand became more people oriented, alive, familiar, cozy and relatable to the housewives of Azerbaijan.
"It feels like I’ve known Zulya personally for ages and we’ve sat together in the kitchen a ton of times, sharing our secrets and feelings."
this is feedback from one of our subscribers
And that means that we have managed to do the most difficult thing, that is to tear down the wall between the brand and the audience.
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