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We aimed to create the trendiest MEGA by Ingka Centres mall in Russia and promote the brands based in it. Our third goal was to attract as many visitors to its events as we possibly could.

Using video content and special projects we showed the people in our city how different MEGA can really be. It can be anything — family friendly, girly, hype, eco-friendly, sporty and boujee — MEGA is for everybody.
Mega isn’t just a mall. It’s a center of attraction for all people in our city. Anyone can find something to do like going shopping, visiting lectures and festivals, having a snack in the food court or mastering their skills in the skate park. What we do is tell everyone about all the possibilities and stream what’s happening 24/7.
Тут плитка может быть любая, но надо показать объем работы - вот как пример Черкашина. Лента инсты, много постов и др.

Может показать разнообразие форматов: посты в инсте, сториз, кружочки в телеге. Может взять из аккаунта Меги все, могу запросить у девочек какой-то конкретный контент (очень красивые сториз, например), но надо понять, что нам нужно

How do we attract moms with kids, beauty divas and skaters? We speak the same language: we speak about playgrounds and training opportunities to some and about the underground scene and raves to the others.
Step 01
Individual approach
Step 01 Individual approach
//При копировании элемента нужно обязательно заменить номер блока в коде!
//При копировании элемента нужно обязательно заменить номер блока в коде!
//При копировании элемента нужно обязательно заменить номер блока в коде!
We catch ongoing trends and adapt them for us as soon as possible. Trendy and stylish people from our reels storm into the users' feed and attract new traffic to the social media and MEGA itself.
Step 02
Being trendy
Step 02 Being trendy
10 400 views
4 600 views
Turn up the sound
Promoting MEGA’s brands, boutiques and restaurants is one of the most important daily tasks. We regularly shed light on all renters: we publish outfit ideas with seasonal clothes, reviews of new products and special offers. We integrate brands into promotion of events and make posts together with them.
Step 03 Brands
Whenever there’s a big event in MEGA we start promoting it a few weeks prior and stream the activities from dusk until dawn. Let us tell you about it in more detail.
Step 04 Events
MEGA Beauty Days
For an entire week we gave coverage to a big beauty festival in MEGA with popular headliners, stylist’s masterclasses and public talks.
Every day we announced the programme of the events using different formats and made stories from where they were happening.
We promoted a check promo and a giveaway of 50 kg of cosmetic products.
We involved bloggers of Ekaterinburg and Saint Petersburg in our media support.
13 000 views
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6 900 views
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We involved several urban communities in a grand announcement of an urban culture festival. While riders from all over the city were rolling down to MEGA, street artists were counting down days until the start of the festival on roofs and railways.
Special project with street artists: countdown of days to the start of the festival
Reels with a rider community
Final video of MEGA URBAN FEST
By the start of the festival we shot a special project for MEGA with street stickers and merchandise from every imaginable angle. That helped sell all 200 t-shirts.
Drift site, concerts, basketball tournaments, dancing championship — we shot photos and videos of everyone and everything during the fest.
We also responded to 1056 messages, comments and tags within 3 days.
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The results of URBAN FEST’ promotion
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