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Territorial branding that would let us create a new image of the changing city of Svobodny.

Building two large factories on the territory of Svobodny gave the start to a new period of the city’s life and development. In the brand platform and brand identity we took note of the new challenges of the city environment and the necessity to integrate its community.
Brand platform
Key features of native Svobodnovites are brutality, restraint and conservatism. They are wary of changes while still expecting them. The new specialists bear new consumption patterns striving for results and appreciation. Our task was to lay a solid brand platform that would bind these contrasting groups together.
Persistent, open, innovative and responsible is the new character of the city laid down as the foundation for the new brand platform of Svobodny.
Brand identity
The modern laconic logo wins people over by having simple plastic and proportional spacing.
The basis of the brand identity is linear graphics. There’s nothing that fits better the brand platform requirements. It is a modern and a traditional solution at the same time. Strict linear approach is complemented with trendy colors.
An example of using linear graphics in Svobodny’s branding
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